Wish you could practice in the morning – but can’t drag yourself out of bed?

Want to make time to write, practice music, dance, yoga, or learn a language?


The morning is the best time to practice.

As the day goes on, more and more things get in your way:
  • You’re tired, hungry, and stressed.
  • You face more interruptions.
  • Your to-do list and other people’s priorities try to hijack your day.

You’re much more likely to practice consistently if you do it in the morning.

But getting up earlier is HARD – especially if you’re a night person like me.


Except during the fall time change.

The “fall back” time change is the one day a year when you can wake up an hour earlier without losing any sleep.

So it’s the perfect opportunity to start making time for the work that matters to you:

  • Practicing music, dance, or art.
  • Writing your novel, your thesis, or your blog.
  • Studying a language.
  • Practicing yoga or meditation.

But the trick is to keep up that schedule when everyone around you isn’t.
And that’s not easy.

So Let’s Do It Together.

Join me for The Painless Morning Practice Challenge

In this FREE 10-day challenge, I’ll help you use the time change to painlessly add practice to your morning routine – and keep it there!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should practice in the morning, even if you’re not a morning person.
  • How to make time for morning practice – without adding more stress.
  • How to stick with your new routine while everyone around you is sleeping in.
  • Why showing up is the hardest part of practice – and how to make it easier.
  • How to find the right amount of practice for you. (It may not be as much as you think!)

How It Works:

Every day during the challenge, I’ll send you:

  • An invitation to our daily livestreams, with step-by-step training and time for personal help.
  • A link to the recording, in case you can’t make it live.
  • Quick homework steps, to help you build a practice habit that will stick.
  • Daily support to help you stay on track. It’s much easier when you’re not going it alone!


What Can You Practice During the Challenge?

“A practice” is anything that you do repeatedly, and that is important to you.
The most common types are:

  • Improving a skill: Music, dance, martial arts, languages.
  • Producing work: Writing, painting, crafts, marketing.
  • Repetitive experiences: Yoga, meditation, exercise, reading.

So what do you want to make a consistent part of your life?

Thanks again for changing my life! I am up at 5-freakin-30 most mornings doing my yoga, my choreos, my spins, etc etc. And I don’t think about quitting dancing any more!



Meet Your Hostess:

I’m Jessica Donnelly Reed, a dance teacher, podcaster, and coach.

As a dancer, I struggled with practice. I knew it was necessary, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. I spent years stuck in a “feast or famine” cycle, practicing like crazy before an important gig, then not at all for days, weeks, or months…

But in 2014, I turned all that around, and developed a sustainable practice habit. And since then, I’ve helped over 200 dancers make practice a consistent part of their lives.

I’ve also built practice habits to help me with language learning, marketing, fitness, and even loading the dishwasher!

And now I’m using those techniques to write my book, The Consistent Practice, to help anyone (not just dancers!) show up for the work that matters to them.

Let’s Get Started!

The challenge begins Friday, November 3rd, 2017.
(That gives us a couple of days to prepare before the North American time change on Sunday, November 5th.)

Sign up now, and I’ll send you some tips so you can get started today:


p.s. Not setting your clocks back on November 5th?

If the time isn’t changing where you are this week, join us anyway!
Your transition won’t be quite as painless, but it’s easier to do with support.